Scripting (OrchardCore.Scripting)


The scripting module provides an API allowing you to evaluate custom scripts in different languages.


Executing some script

The main interface is IScriptingManager.

public interface IScriptingManager
    IScriptingEngine GetScriptingEngine(string prefix);
    object Evaluate(string directive);  
    IList<IGlobalMethodProvider> GlobalMethodProviders { get; }

To evaluate an expression using a scripting engine, you must know which ones are available in the system. For instance, a JavaScript one is available by default and its prefix is js. To return the current date and time as a string we could do something like this:

var scriptingManager = serviceProvider.GetService<IScriptingManager>();
var date = scriptingManager.Evaluate("js: Date().toISOString()");

The js: prefix is used to describe in which language the code is written. Any module can provide a new scripting engine by implementing the IScriptingEngine interface.

Customizing the scripting environment

Any module can provide custom methods for scripts independently of the chosen language. For instance the Contents module provides a uuid() helper method that computes a unique content item identifier.

To create a global method, implement IGlobalMethodProvider then add it to the current IScriptingManager instance like this:

var scriptingManager = serviceProvider.GetService<IScriptingManager>();
var globalMethodProvider = new MyGlobalMethodProvider();


The File scripting engine provides methods to read file contents.

Name Example Description
text file:text('../wwwroot/template.html') Returns the content of a text file.
base64 file:base64('../wwwroot/image.jpg') Returns the base64 encoded content of a file.