Setup (OrchardCore.Setup)

Recipe Parameters

During setup, all recipes have access to the setup screen values using these parameters:

Parameter Description
SiteName The name of the site.
AdminUsername The username of the super user.
AdminEmail The email of the super user.
AdminPassword The password of the super user.
DatabaseProvider The database provider.
DatabaseConnectionString The connection string.
DatabaseTablePrefix The database table prefix.

These parameters can be used in the recipe using a scripted value like [js: parameters('AdminUsername')].

Custom Parameters

Custom parameters can also be used in the recipe, using a scripted value like [js: configuration('CustomParameterKey')].

The value will be retrieved from the appsettings.json tenant file.

        "ConnectionString": "...",
        "DatabaseProvider": "Sqlite",
        "TablePrefix": "Test",
        "CustomParameterKey": "Custom Parameter Value"


OrchardCore.Setup can be configured through appsettings.json as follows:

    "OrchardCore.Setup": {
        "DefaultCulture": "",
        "SupportedCultures": [ "en" ]
Key Description
DefaultCulture The default culture that will be used for the setup screen.
SupportedCultures The list of the supported cultures for the setup screen.

Last update: February 7, 2020